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 Sephi on'nanoko

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The changing time

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MessageSujet: Sephi on'nanoko   Dim 25 Mai - 20:58

Race: T'lan

Rang : The changing time


Age: TRÈS agé


groupes: Never was a team (for now)

Metier: serveuse et Body garde

Arme :
des Darts

- Temps
- Changement de forme

caractéristique racial (veiller copier les caracthèristiques de la bonne races

technique: au choix

Sephi's Stori"Humain...they created me? no..who I am? A girl...

A scientice comme to the littel girl and look to her eyes. he Was Tall and fearsome but the girl with long silver hair and magnifique magic Green eyes was juste smiling.

"who Are you? you'r not humain so What!Tell me? Or I'll torture you!" Said the evil man

the girl smile and she said with a pure and clear Voice

"so do it! I'am not you'r pupet! I wont t'ell you who I am even if you torture me..in fact..I don't kown il you realy know how to torture. You see..you'r mind is weak and mine is powerfull go on...Toture me it will make me happy to see you'r face angry and discourage"

The man just Hit the littel girl and call the other scientice to torture her. and the girl...juste disapired.

"Where Is she?" every scientice serche for her..but didn't find her she juste vanish. " Who Was that girl?"

Far in the wood the Girl lauthe and look to the Sky

"Big Brother I know you'r looking At me now...I Will alwais Love you and no mather What I wont tell any body about you...not anymore...Big Brothers. You Are my source of living and to quip going..."

the Girl start to walk and...she disapire again...

200 years before that.

" Sephi...Sephi... are you awaike? It is me Solus..."

A boy with silver hair and green eyes look at her with a cold face.The girl open her eyes and smile

"Hello Big brother! how Nexus? is he good?no one wants to kill him?"

The boy just stay cold and said with a voice without emotion

"..he is great..but some one wants to kill him...His name Derek and he was humain but they take him and maid him a t'lan and..he is here too Kill nexus...he is or ennemis and he can hurt us...Sephi Stay here I will take him down"

The Girl look at him a littel angry and she said

"hm! You want to do MY job?you'r the avatar and I am the protecter!"

Solus look to the sky it was black with lightning in...they where in the palace maid of t'lan and he said with his strong and cold voice.

"...Sephi..you'r my littel sis, and...I prefer humain don't know you'r existance....and...i don't what you to be hurt....Sephi do you love Nexus?"

The girl smile and look to her Brother and said

" hey big-bro! that a stupide question! Shur I love Nexus! his my dad and créated me. He is My god and my life! I will Gladly sacrifice my life for him! That is what I said..and will Done!"

and then Sephi get up and start walking Nexus was calling her and she was going to him without a look too her Brother. she Was cold and heartless to her brother but pure and clear like the snow.

She enter a room and sudenly she was in a army quarter all her movement was slow and she start too walk in the place and..when she turn a corner... her Brother Was Dying he was in his blood laying down. sephi was not smiling and her face was cold and without emotion and she stop and look to him and he said...

"...the...humain...got me...Sephi...Sep..Sephi Get out of here..I..I want you..to..li..live......."

Sephi look to her Brother in silence letting him die

" hihihi..hey Brother you almost got me here! hihihi"

Sephi smile and lauthe and finaly she return to her walk not even look to her brother dead and withot a tear. In a large place she look and see her brother again....

"Hello again Big brother I know you wasn't dead!! hihihi"

and sudenly her left arme transphorme in a sowrd and she cute the Head of her own brother with no emotion and then....Nexus apired and said with a strange voice

"Sephi...Solus is gone too take a message to the humains...and I want you to wait at the dort to the heaven with you'r armie"

"Yes, Créator Nexus! As you wish"

Sephi disapire and she apire in a White room maid of t'langel than she wait it take two day before she saw her brother again he was with a humain girl so Sephi came and look to her brother

"....Brother....why did you bring a humain girl! and Alive! you should Kill her! and if you don't do it I'll do it!"

"SEPHI...you stay awais of my busness"

"Is that an order from Nexus?"

Solus just bow his head looking to Alex..the humain girl.she was confuse and aifraide of Sephi..Solus look to Sephi and said

"...Yes it is an order!Sephi...get out of her..I know you'r not a bad girl...you nerve kill..no one and you have a pure smile..you'r heart is pure and not Dark. you are not mant to be Nexus body gard....please Sephi..go! Now! derek is on his Way he is here to kill me..you and Nexus but if he don't know you'r existance..you will live you deserve to live Sephi!"

"...No! It is My job to Kill him let me be!"

then Sephi start to walk to the battle area where Derek was heading.But Solus came in her bark and strok her maid her inconsuce...When she woke up...Solus was not ther...the girl was not ther too...she heards Crie comming to the battle area so she juste run to ther

"..Brother!! don't tell me you take my place!!!"

and when she arrive..solus was laying on the groud talking to derek and finaly Solus said

"..Derek...remember...I..am juste...nexus...avatar..."

then...he dispire...and Derek save the girl and start to get down to the T'langel heaven. Sephi juste run where Solus where.

"Hey..don't trik me! I know you'r not Dead! It is juste a chalenge Nexus gave me so Solus...Come I know you can Hear! Where Are you? solus!!!"

She look aronde her but...no one was there she disside to telleporte her to the battle area of the T'langel heaven where her army was and she wait..she wait for Derek. and when he came he was suprise to see her.

"..Hello Derek...I supose..you are the one who kill Solus...so...I..will kill you now..."

in a huge battle betwine Derek and the Army of Sephi with Sephi in it start the battle was Strong and finaly..she kill him and juste disapired like solus...she smiled but was cring to.

"so....so..if I was able to kill...so he was....Solus...you'r not realy dead..are you?...no you can't leave me alone...Big brother.....I'am going to find you! and when you'll see me again..I will be a good girl...just like you said...."

she juste disapire to find her brother.

maintenant elle est aussi celle qui a préserver quelque truc dans Chikiti tout comme le Bar! elle est la seul Vrai survivante de la malédiction et elle se promène maintenant tout aussi mistérieusement que sa propre innocence!

elle est marier et est la mère a illiyasviel.
Sephi est toujours une T'lan et sa loyauté est a Nexus

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MessageSujet: Re: Sephi on'nanoko   Jeu 29 Mai - 20:45

accepter et bienvenu la tante ^^

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Sephi on'nanoko
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